Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Ultimate Cooking Blooper

I have developed into a pretty good cook. Granted, baking is not my strongest point, but I got a great lesson in humility this weekend. Isn't it funny how the Lord keeps us humble.
I decided to whip up a batch of chewy oatmeal cookies. I have tried this recipe and it is great! I followed directions such as keeping wet and dry ingredients separate, etc. and everything else. They were in the oven, smelling wonderful when I took a peek.....instead of drops of cookies, the dough was spread out all over the pan, there was no bulk, it was watery and flat. Reviewing the recipe in my mind, I just couldn't figure out what I had done wrong until it hit me like a ton of bricks (or oats), I didn't add the oatmeal...DUH! So, I will post this great cookie recipe soon, just don't forget the oatmeal!!

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Mandalyn said...

That's hilarious!!:)